I'm playing music again...

Hi Friends!

After a few years, I'm back! I’m working on new songs, recording tracks, and having a lot of fun with live music. And I’d like to come to see you. Play my songs for you - in your home.

My favorite thing to do is house concerts, where I can really get to know the people in the audience. These events are so much fun, and so memorable, that it’s a growing international trend. There are stories on CNN, Billboard, New York Times, and more. Are you a little bit curious?

Small, intimate concerts can be great, so don’t be shy if your place is on the small side.

Best wishes,


Ten x Ten House Concerts

Ten Songs

Ten-song, one-hour set

Ten Guests

Ten guests who you invite

Ten Bucks

Ten dollars from each guest

How it works.

First, you book Teague de La Plaine using the button on this website. Then, you invite ten guests (friends, family, neighbors). Teague shows up, plays the show, meets your guests, and that's it! Watch this short video that people use to promote these great events to their friends.

What it costs.

Almost nothing! Your guests provide ten dollars each to cover the $100 fee and all you have to provide is snacks and refreshments - if you want. You can provide an elaborate spread, or ask your guests to bring their own favorites. It's your party - you decide!

Read this free guide to find out how to host a House Concert.

Teague's music.

Teague de La Plaine's music is melodic and lyrical, blending old country, blues, and jazz into his own style. His original songs include upbeat jams, catchy pop, and soulful ballads. His music is as distinctive as it is diverse; he has written more than 500 songs and is published as a registered BMI songwriter.

Teague also sings the Great American Songbook, breathing new life into classic American tunes sung by Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick, Jr., and Michael Buble.

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